Project: Saber
Project: Saber
Project: Saber
Project: Saber
Project: Saber

Project: Saber

Project: Saber is a design 4 years in the making, Tri-metal with a premium 7068 Aluminum body and 3 rings per half (one Stainless Steel and 2 Brass). Each colorway features its own engraving based on historical and regional design notes. Play feels solid and tight, though it may not be the best performer for finger grinds due to the engravings it’s definitely possible. It’s a work of art both on and off the string, with performance to match its beauty.

Each Saber also includes an aluminum case featuring aspects of all the engraving patterns in a color matching the yoyo. This case has a thin rubberized coating to keep the yoyo safe inside. The case works fantastic as both a display piece and a travel case. It has a hidden compartment in the lid to keep extra strings/bearings and both pieces twist open and shut for easy access/storage.



  • (1) Saber yo-yo in the colorway of your choice.
  • (1) Saber 6061 Aluminum case with matching color and engraving.
  • (1) White string
  • (1) 3" diameter sticker of the engraving to match your yo-yo.
  • (1) 3D printed yoyo stand
  • (1) Numbered certificate of authenticity. The yo-yo will not have the number engraved this time so that both sides can feature the engraving design.


  • Weight - 64g
  • Diameter - 55 mm
  • Width - 46 mm
  • Gap - 4.58 mm


  • 7068 Anodized Aluminum
  • 1x Stainless Steel Ring (per half)
  • 2x Brass Rings (per half)