Who are we and why are we here?

In 2012 some significant events occurred in my life. I lost a loved one and needed to take a break from the world. I traveled to Tokyo, rented an apartment, and unplugged from the world back home. I spent hours wandering the streets and exploring as many different things as I could. I tried tons of different food and enjoyed the people and the culture. One day I ran across a shop almost hidden away on the 3rd floor in Nakano, Spin Gear. Kids huddled around the front of the shop, throwing sleepers and checking their speed on a machine in the corner, adults and teens looking at the yoyos lining the back wall, and employees showing off the latest products and a few mesmerizing tricks. As I looked around the small store I was impressed by everyone doing all of these amazing tricks and couldn't help but remember my childhood, throwing around a Yomega X-Brain, rocking the baby and walking the dog. These people were whipping out tricks I couldn't even have imagined as a child. That day I left the shop with a YoYoFactory Genesis with Hubstacks determined to be as good as the patrons of that shop... it took me 45 minutes to figure out how to get the yoyo to return when I made it back to the apartment.

I'm not a yoyo expert and frankly I probably never will be, but I love the hobby. I love the shape in my hand and the feel of it bouncing lazily on the string. I have some issues focusing sometimes and the yoyo has been a great tool in helping me to gain that focus in times that I needed an anchor. I always have one nearby and am still mesmerized by the insane skill of all of you in the community.

So really I just love yoyoing, I love design, and I love the community. I wanted to do something to give back to the community that gave me so much. So with that in mind I just needed to decide on what would set my designs apart from the rest and give us something really unique and cool. The points I decided to focus on are engraving, limited premium runs, and hidden messages/secrets.

Engraving is something I've always been excited about on anything really. So of course that would be something I would implement into the design of the yoyos I produce. I think the circular canvas provided by the inner cup of the yoyo offers some really interesting design challenges and I enjoy the repeating elements that can be incorporated in that kind of space.

I always thought that things like collector's editions for video games were super neat and wanted to play on that idea with my designs. If you ordered something you could get something extra and cool with your purchase, something limited and exclusive. I'm always willing to throw in a bit of extra money to get something really awesome with my purchase, especially if its something functional.

Hidden Easter eggs are the best, and they are even better when they give you something awesome as a reward. I think the first one I can remember is the Hadoken in Megaman X. Stumbling upon that felt so good, trouncing the rest of the bosses from that point forward and casually showing the secret off to my friends hooked me on that experience. The lottery of getting something for free is nice but I want to earn it. I don't just want to find the golden ticket in the candy bar, I want to be the first one to find something for being clever. That's something I think is really cool and want to continue with every release.

Ineffable Throws is a culmination of everything I love in a product wrapped up in a nice package, a gift for the community. I won't churn out releases, I'll take it slow and do my best to make sure its all perfect for my customers. I hope you will enjoy the throws produced at Ineffable as much as I enjoy making and planning them.