The Project: Saber Post

Its been a long time friends. Much longer than I hoped but sometimes it still feels too early. I often wonder how far over the top I can go to push my products to the next level. Just how much cool factor can I jam into one yo-yo release? I strive to add as much value to every release as possible.

Project: Saber is a culmination of everything I learned from SpellBound, then dialed up to 11. First, we took it even further with engravings adding one for each colorway. This in and of itself is a pretty big challenge and I think each engraving is a work of art worthy of its own release. We also pivoted to solid color yo-yos and featured the engraving on both sides. Numbering SpellBound on one side was a bad decision, it works for display but if you end up doing a half swap, one person is disappointed. The engravings are a huge part of the design inspiration for these yo-yos and it deserves to be featured on both sides. This same philosophy is why I went with solid colors over splashes or fades. Anodizing jobs can be gorgeous, but I want to make sure the engravings pop and Saber delivers 1000% in that regard.

The case is the next innovation with Project: Saber. The case included with SpellBound was awesome but had several issues. First, the hex bolts requiring an Allen key was cool for exactly the one initial opening. After that it was a pain. It made it less desirable to travel with and was over all big, bulky, and heavy. It also increased shipping prices by a considerable degree. Project: Sabers cases are sleek, sexy, and easy to transport. They still have a hidden compartment to keep extra string + bearings, and they are almost half the weight. I have no issues tossing mine in a bag or carrying it in a jacket pocket.

Really this project has been amazing and taught me to push myself and my ideas even further than I could have with SpellBound. I’m extremely thankful for every single customers’ support in these releases and I’m going to keep learning and improving for as long as there is community support. I do hope to have the next release out in a bit more reasonable of a timeframe but I fully intend to keep revising with each release until they are ready no matter how long that takes.